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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/02/01

> I have noticed, and know little about thaco stuff, that if a player
> attacks a player with lower level, he tends never to hit player of mob.
> Seems that the thaco stuff is messed up. Not sure how it works and just
> want anyone to be able to attack anyone based on skill, but I dont want
> them to always miss. Sorry, not sure how all this stuff works :(

        First, Thac0 is an acronym for "To Hit Armor Class 0" - ie, the
number you'd have to meet or beat on a 20 sided dice to hit someone with
an armor class of 0.  The higher the number, the more improbable that
you'd be able to hit the person.

        This magic number is generated by a specific base Thac0 which
results from your level indexed with your class.  Thus, warriors tend to
lose a thac0 point (remember, the lower the better) each level, clerics
and theives every other or third, and mages every 4'th or 5'th.  So, a
level 18 warrior may have a 2 thac0, and a level 28 mage may only have a
13.  The general algorithm goes something like this:

        (base thac0) + (-1* Armor Class of defender) - hitroll = Thac0.

        This usually garners an attack range between 0 and 20, but it's
pretty easy to go into the negatives with bonuses.  One common trend is to
increase the number of levels in a mud to 100 - this is fine, however this
0 to 20 thac0 table is still in place, where people have hit bonuses
around +300, and base thac0's in the negative hundreds.  Which kinda
throws the whole thing out the window. You'll notice this - especially
easily - if you have level-based equipment.

        You'll also notice rather quickly that players and mobs scale
differently.  A player might be able to kill a mob up to 10 or even 20
(depending on your system) levels above them.  However, they usually have
a rough go at killing someone of equal level - or even 5-10 levels below
them.  This is because in many (again - unbalanced) games, player stats
easily exceed the system they exist in.  You'll end up with either always
missing or always hitting (depending on which character you're playing).

        You can see this happening if they only way to make mobs
challenging is that you have to make them so big and strong that they kill
with a single hit (er, maybe two).  If combat is now just a lottery, where
if you don't get hit, you'll eventually win, then you need to do some

        The other alternative - if you haven't enabled pkilling on your
server, and a player attacks another player, they're flagged as a pkiller.
Part of that means that they can never hit someone.


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