Re: OLC & saveing OLC DATA

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/02/01

>  i have poked around the source and cant seem to figure out
>  how to creata a unified command that will just save all unsaved
>  OLC data and i was wondering what would happen if someone
>  was in Redit Sedit Zedit Oedit or Medit and i tryed to save the
>  file they were working on is it possable that if i save and they quit
>  out of the command at just the right time could this corrupt the
>  the /lib/world/* files that are open ?
>  i wanted to know this before i even start trying to code one


        Oasis only opens files while writing files for saving, and then
closes them immediately. Since the mud is a single process, it doesn't
need fancy locking or the sort to guarentee unique access.  So, if
someone's 'working' on a zone/mob/etc, it's in memory.  At a specific time
(or forced, if a command) the information is then written out to a file.

        It would be a nice touch to make it more of an atomic command -
written out to a temporary file, and just a rename to make the changes,
but that's only if you're worried about crashes, I suppose.


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