Re: [NEWBIE] Oasis Question

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/04/01

>         I have got my mud up and running, my head builder comes to me from a
> smaug mud and is unfamiliar with Oasis. I don't build so I cannot answer
> this. Is there a way with Oasis to create and make an entire area online?
> All the documentation I have found eludes to you have to create everything
> offline, then just edit it online. If I should be asking this somewhere else
> please let me know.

        The answer to your first question is 'yes' - oasis can be used to
build entire areas online.  That's what Oasis does, although you do have
to install it.  The stock circle code does not have Oasis installed, and
the only building documentation that comes with it is 'building.doc' -
which of course only talks about offline building, since it's primarily
concerned with file formats.

        Oasis itself is pretty easy to use, it's got a menu interface and
any monkey worth his peanuts should be able to figure it out in half the
time it takes to develop simple tool-using behaviors.

        So, the answer to your second question (where should i be asking)
is that you should not be asking, you should be looking for any sorts of
oasis resources - like the html and doc files included in the oasis
patches, etc.

        Oasis can be found under the 'olc' directory on the ftp site.

p.s. It's allude.

  allude = hints at, or makes some indirect reference to
  elude = escape or avoid

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