Re: [NEWBIE] Oasis Question

From: Lewis, Jason (
Date: 01/04/01

        Well, I do have it installed, I realize that it does not come
stock....Second, I have gone through more channels then just the
building.doc that comes with the stock code. I have searched the archive,
FAQ, and all pages related to Oasis that can be found by 3 different search
engines, These pages while informative, tell a person only how to basically
edit areas, not how to create one. Most of the pages that I assume have the
correct documentation are either not accessible by me or have gone the way
of the dinosaur. I did not post here blindly as I have been flamed one to
many times for that, I posted to the list in hopes someone with a little
more exp might be able to help me. So I will be a good little "monkey" and
try to figure this one out on my own.

Jason (spellcheck was run this time) Lewis

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