Re: grrrr.... MSVC++

From: Mike Redick (Telos@MAD.SCIENTIST.COM)
Date: 01/04/01

Interesting guesses to what I'm trying to do... wrong, but interesting.
I'm making an offline editor for my MUD, in C++, which I know FAR better
than C.  Yes, I know there are other offline editors out there but we
wanted our own and I wanted it object oriented so it would be easier to
extend and modify.  Also because after getting the editor done I might try
to use the backend as a new MUDlib... though I'm pretty lazy so that might
never happen. ;)  No, I'm not trying to ask you to "fix" my homework... in
fact it already DOES work on my school account... it's at home where it
doesn't work... so if it was homework I'd be done by now.  I'm just trying
to ask a bunch of people who generally seem far more experienced than I if
they might know how to fix a wierd error.

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