Re: grrrr.... MSVC++

From: Leonardo Herrera (
Date: 01/04/01

Mike Redick wrote:
> Ok... this code compiles and runs fine on whatever compiler my Solaris
> account has at school. But when I try it on Microsoft's compiler at home
> I get a bunch of linking errors. I could just do all the work at school
> but they have wierd rules about who owns the code developed on their
> systems so wanna do it at home... not sure if I'm running into some
> portability issue or if it's just that microsoft sucks. ;) Any hints
> would probably be helpful...

First of all, CircleMUD is written in C, not C++. I believe that a truly
translation from C to C++ is not possible without modifying the internals;
so basically, is better to start a new mud from scratch according to OOP
paradigms. So, if you don't know enough to start a new mud, I would suggest
you to stay using C instead of C++.

The other possibility is that you are asking us to fix your homework or to
answer questions that have nothing to do with CircleMUD. Please, don't.

Any hints about the steps following to remove the "beta" from CircleMUD?
Any strategies, ideas, rants?

Regards, and sorry for my english.
Leonardo Herrera

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