Re: DGscripts for bpl 17?

From: Scott Davis (
Date: 01/04/01

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001 23:52:17 +0100, you wrote:

>I'd like to use dgscripts with my mud, which is running circle 3.0 bpl 17.
>The only version I've seen of dgscripts is the one that comes with OasisOLC,
>which is a patch for bpl 15 (I believe this was the version number). I
>started patching in it manually by hand, but soon gave up since the code for
>oasis/dgscripts consists of over a thousand lines, which is something I
>prefer not to patch manually.
>My question is:  How do I add dgscripts to my bpl 17 mud? Any hints or
>answers are appreciated.
>// David Karlgren

Howdy David,

Before the rants start about not reading this and finding that here
and there before posting to the mail list etc...I'll tell you the
easiest I think to add in a patch of this magnitude is to grab copy of
a bpl with it already patched in.  That is if you haven't already
heavily modified your MUD yet and don't mind starting from
scratch...Del's bpl17 package has worked great for me personally.

It includes a slew of good patches and features.

Now everyone can start yelling about "read the FAQ" or the "WTFAQ" or
"Search the mail list archive" or "look on the website" etc etc etc...


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