Re: DG Scripts, was: oasis olc & mobprogs

From: Craig Cooney (
Date: 01/04/01

>Speaking of DG Scripts, the latest release (7a) was
>made to patch into bpl15 and is packaged with an old
>version of Oasis OLC.  It could use an update so that
>it will patch cleanly into bpl17 with Oasis 2.0

    Actually the thing about DG Scripts that most needs
updating is the bug in 7a.  It had something to do with
loading equip to mobs, if I remember correctly.  Its an
easy one line fix, but it is fairly serious bug and every
combo pack server with dg scripts already installed has
included it unfixed that I've noticed.  I've considered
releasing an unofficial (7b) myself, but i don't have a
*nix account to make a patch with.

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