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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/05/01

        Okay, put out yet another version of cbreak, should be on the ftp
site momentarily, also still accessable (either just the executable, or
the whole source) off

        I have to thank everyone again who's taken the time to look at
this little project and provide some feedback.  I've gotten more
compliments than I ever expected, and useful critisms too!  Funny - I've
only received one notice of a crash bug (the NT one i haven't the
resources to duplicate). I guess I'm just lucky.

        I was going to mail each of you individually who had asked to be
notified of a new release - but there were so many, that this is easier.


v0.3                     1/4/01
Second official release.  Bugfixes mainly.

        - Random tab order corrected.
        - Top level menu and context-sensitive menu items synced
        - Multiline/singleline cosmetic bug fixed.
        - Bitvector controls switched to a common control.
        - Constants used in bitvectors built with external dependancies
                (ie, .ini files)
                Setting their 'pointed at' value to 0 makes them unusable
                in the editor.... but since you could just leave them out
                in the first place...
        - text formatting issue cleared up.
        - initial load up no longer dumps you out if you cancel directory
        - Some debugging code removed.

Bugs still needing fixing:
        - scrollbars working correctly for smaller resolutions (800x600,
        - Nt 4.0 zedit command removal crash (need more input on this one)
        - zone commands associated with a room should be removed when a
                room is removed.

Planned features for 0.4 include:
        - non-bitvector constant mapping (spell num, etc)
        - saving preferences (ie, previous directory used, etc)
        - including social and help editors (pre and post 'Oasis mod'
                versions, which add functionality) [*]
        - color for text
        - status bar for progress of loads/saves so the app doesn't look

[*] - inital versions of 0.4, as 0.4b, may not have full aedit/hedit

        No timeline for 0.4 exists - I'm moving at the end of the month,
so things are bound to be in flux.


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