Cbreak : Offline editor bug

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/05/01

        Whoops.  Minor bug detected - and I'm ashamed that no one else
caught this.  That is, Minor in size, major in scope.

        You'll notice that instead of creating new zedit command files, it
creates a new version named <zone#>  It's supposed to copy it
over, but as per testing, I had left those commands commented.

        If you have the source and don't want to go through the trouble of
downloading a new version, the fix is simple.  Open World.cpp, and scroll
to the bottom.  The very end of the last function (save_zone) has two
lines commented out:

//      unlink(temp.c_str());
//      rename(temp2.c_str(),temp.c_str());

        Just remove the comments and recompile.

        A fixed copy has been placed on the website in executable and
source form.  I hesitate to upload a new copy to the circlemud ftp
site.... seems like me causing others to do alot of work for a 2 line fix
consisting of removing comment delimiters.

        So, I shall assume that if you download the program from the
circlemud site, you've done so because of an announcment on this list, and
I can expect you to be aware of this problem.

        v 0.4 - when I finish it, and upload it will actually have this
included of course.


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