Re: DGscripts for bpl 17?

From: David Karlgren (
Date: 01/05/01

> Before the rants start about not reading this and finding that here
> and there before posting to the mail list etc...I'll tell you the
> easiest I think to add in a patch of this magnitude is to grab copy of
> a bpl with it already patched in.  That is if you haven't already
> heavily modified your MUD yet and don't mind starting from
> scratch...Del's bpl17 package has worked great for me personally.
> (

Thank you. Although, I was looking to add only DGscripts to my mud, not
OasisOLC. So you're telling me there is no other way?

> Now everyone can start yelling about "read the FAQ" or the "WTFAQ" or
> "Search the mail list archive" or "look on the website" etc etc etc...
It's funny that you mention it, because that's exactly what I did and it
gave me nothing.

// David

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