Re: Help File structure missing?

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/05/01

Patrick Dughi wrote:
>         Maybe I overlooked it, but is the help file structure not detailed
> in any of the circlemud documents?  Writing up an addon to that darned
> editor again, and though I can grab the actual .hlp files, I can't grab
> the code - so I need something definitive to tell me what to look for.

Note, this is from memory and from studying the help files themselves, I
don't recall learning any of this by looking at the code.

Fairly straghtforward...

index (and is just a list of the help files to include.

each record in a given file looks like this...




NAME LIST is always the first line of the record.  Each word in the list
is an alias that can be used as an arg to the help command to call up
that record, for example...


With that name list you would see that particular help entry with any of
the following commands...

help north
help south
help east
help west
help up
help down

The name list is also displayed in the output of the help command as
part of the body.

The body is simply what is displayed when that record is shown via the
help command.

# is the record delimiter and must be alone on it's own line (I think,
it may be that it could work if it's simply the first character of the
line but I would go with assuming it'll be alone as a safe assumption).

That's it, fairly straight forward.

Regards, Peter

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