Re: Newbie: Oasis on Linux?

From: Brandon Allen (
Date: 01/06/01

> [1]Does Oasis run on linux?  [2]I am having a heck of a time getting it to
> compile on my Mandrake box. ]Also when I try to push the patch it hangs.
> Same thing with my other SuSE machine.  Got the latest versions of Circle
> and Oasis from the ole circle FTP site.

1. YES         if it didnt 9/10 of the muds of today would not be alive
2. i run amandrake installation and it worked for me first time but first
   ask yourself this:
       a . does it compile without oasis
       b . did you read the documentation
       c .did you back it up before attempting to run oasis
       d . do you understand what patch actualy does
       e . is your make file correct out of the box
       f . what errors are you getting
           please dont paste the while compile ... we
           dont seen to see the whole thing
       g . do you know how to use ./configure
       h . have you looked in /contrib/servers for a all in 1
           solution to your mud problem such as
           circlebpl17-plus.tar.gz it worked out of the box for me
            and a few other friends

whell that is my &0.02 worth ....
go ahead and slam me ... just a few quewstions i had for him

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