Re: [NEWBIE] Moral Issue.. don't hate me for this.

From: Van Jaarsveld, Stephen (
Date: 01/09/01

Chris wrote:

>Although some people may find that any code they write is actually the
>property of the company they work for (a lot of contracts are even more
>extreme than just code copyrights).  This is very common within the IT
>I believe that all code written should contain a:
>copyright 'year[s]' 'person/company'
>parts copyright 'year[s]' 'person/company'
>string.  Certainly that's what I understand that the company lawyers said.
>(note that if you want the true answer talk to a lawyer)  However any
>explicit mention of a name etc on code can class as copyright, IE one line
>changes that are tagged eg:
>        GET_HIT(ch) += 100 /* Chris Gilbert, 2001-01-09, up the players hp
>counts as copyright to me :)

There is also an issue of which country you are in. There seems to be a feeling
that US law governs the whole world which is completely wrong. In South Africa
the law is pretty simple and a rule of "look and feel" is applied. If the
program looks and feels like the original, the original creator has the
copyright. In other words you can rewrite all the source code with significant
changes all around, but if the program looks and feels like the original, the
original programmer owns the copyright on the whole thing.

Obviously this does not apply to all countries and can not be used as a true
measure of legality. Many other issues come into play when I download source
code from a server in France, change it in South Africa and then publish it
to a server in the UK...


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