Re: [CODE] do_dig modifications for OasisOLC

From: Ron Martin (
Date: 01/09/01

> Yeah, I figured as much.  If memory serves me correctly the original dig
> and copyto have the same problem (memory leak if you use them on
> existing rooms and/or exits).  Of a moe serious note than the memory
> leak even is the lack of any checks to make sure that the builder is
> only using the command in his assigned zone.  I could destroy a MUDs
> world by presenting myself as a builder and once given permissions all I
> have to do is copyto the description on one room to every other room in
> the mud, then goto each room and dig all the exits to -1 (a script in
> zMUD could do this very easily for me).

I wanted to make sure a builder knew what they were doing, so I made the
code fail if an exit already existed in the direction they wish to dig.
It may seem inconvenient, but It's just as easy to use redit to change
the destination room number.  I was looking for a way to quickly
generate a zone so a builder doesn't need to redit the new room, make
the changes, redit the neighboring room, add the exits, then add the
exits to the first room, etc....

Does GET_OLC_ZONE(ch) return a zone's rnum or vnum?


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