Re: [OASIS] [BUG?]other immortals not visible

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/09/01

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Lewis, Jason wrote:

>        Last evening I was building on my MUD with a friend and we realized
>something, if he or I started writing, when we returned from OLC the other
>immortal could not see us until we did a goto the other then we were visible
>again. We are both level 34 and other then this I am having no problems. Has
>this problem ever been noted anywhere? I wasn't sure where to search on this
>one and thought maybe the list could shed some light on it.

CircleMUD and OasisOLC version?

>BTW, I sat down and played with OASIS and WOW! This OLC rocks compared to
>most others I have used, so kudos to the creators and maintainers of this
>fine OLC module.

  Levork (iedit/redit)
  Harvey Gilpin (redit/oedit/medit/zedit/sedit)
  myself (bug fixes and cleanup)

iedit was renamed oedit by Rv (Harvey Gilpin).

(I just noticed Caniffe's repackaged OasisOLC v2.0 for bpl17 left out the
documentation files.)

Actually, I wish Obuild was updated more frequently.  There is a place for
both a menu and command-line system.  That was the impetus behind the
GenOLC stuff in OasisOLC v2, so it could be shared with an updated Obuild.

On the bright side, bug reports on OasisOLC (originally v1.3 in 1996) have
dropped from 5 crash reports a week to a few minor things every so often
since the cleanup.  Which reminds me...I need to sort things out with
OasisOLC so I can pretend to maintain it some more. :)

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