Re: [OASIS] [BUG?]other immortals not visible

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/09/01

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, George Greer wrote:
>> That was the impetus behind the GenOLC stuff in OasisOLC v2, so it
>> could be shared with an updated Obuild.
>Please distribute GenOLC as a separate and distinct package from OasisOLC.

Good idea, but not yet. (read: I might actually have enough time to pretend
to maintain OasisOLC this semester, please let me sort out the pending
issues first.)

>Also consider distributing OasisOLC without GenOLC included, but
>requiring it to be installed beforehand.  This will pave the way for
>others to use GenOLC to construct their own online creation systems
>without requiring Oasis.

I haven't received too many (a few) questions on why MobProg support
doesn't work in OasisOLC (Hint: separate package) so I don't think it'd be
too bad.

My original plan was to have OasisOLC+GenOLC+Obuild together in one package
as an example of it but that hasn't worked out so well yet due to
time.  Having a separate condition would be nicer.

>The contrib/olc/ directory needs to be cleaned up a bit.  (Why is there a
>section for offline editors under olc/, anyway?)

It's "(on|off)-line creation" with subdivision.  We figured they're similar
enough and could have overlap.

>  contrib/olc/Oasis/                    Official OasisOLC releases.
>  contrib/olc/Obuild/                   Official Obuild releases.
>  contrib/olc/GenOLC/                   Official GenOLC releases.

Except we typically don't capitalize and that would make the directories
rather sparse.  We'll decide whether to split it later.

>Then provide symbolic links to the current versions:
>  Oasis-current-standalone.tar.gz       Current release of Oasis+GenOLC.
>  Oasis-current.tar.gz                  Current release of OasisOLC.
>  GenOLC-current.tar.gz                 Current release of GenOLC.

I find that to be a pain, because then you don't know quickly which version
you've downloaded without renaming the package or looking inside.

>contrib/areas/editors/ might be a better directory for offline editors.
>It makes a little more sense than putting it under olc/.  utils/ would
>also be a legitimate candidate.

Online creation is also an area editor, why the preferential treatment?

>I have no idea how to go about organize contrib/code/, but it might need
>to be done just so it's readable.  Maybe just:

We[*] are going to s/snippets/code/ and then move everything from
the-directory-formerly-known-as-'code' into the new hierarchy.

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