Re: [ADMIN] DikuMud licence [The 90 Degree Part]

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 01/09/01

--[me like snipping]--

>         It would be sort of neat to include a registration-type script
> with circlemuds; perhaps something as simple as a correctly formatted
> email to be submitted (via procmail or some automated agency) to the dns
> registration database/other.

I think this is an excellent idea.  My question is what kind of script would
it be?  Comething coded in C that would send a POST to the page George
pointed out (the mudreg.cgi)?  Or something more intriquite.  The reason I
ask is you can't do it in PERL or something like that cause you have the
problem of not all systems running PERL.  Now if you coded it in C, you know
it would work cause that's what the entire source code of CircleMUD is.  I
would suggest writing it in C and then letting them compile it (possibly
they have to edit the source to make it have the info of thier MUD.)  If
people are intersted I could start to work on this (I'd have to read up on
connection protocols in C cause normally I only do connection in VB and it's
easy there.)

>         Note; you wouldn't be required to run it, nor to have a
> addr, etc,etc,etc.  Just that it's possible and setup would
> be nice.  It might be a way to play jr. traffic cop for all those zipmuds
> out there; or perhaps a way to build up a circle only
> help-wanted/ad/review site for circlemud admin.

--[snip & finale]--
We could make a 8-P heh that'd be cool...  You
could even change it so the only way to register would be to use the script
and then you'd have less chance of the guy next door running LP to try to
signup for a address or get into the db..

Okay I'm going to stop now 8-P

-~= Brian Hartvigsen =~-

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