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From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 01/10/01

George Greer wrote:
> Incognito research might be fun. (How fun is it to log on and then be
> noticed?)

   Well, I happen to assist in play testing a realm that I work on world
balance for, and most of the time I play a role that is exactly unlike
my normal, well known character.  Often times, do to my extreme
enjoyment of role playing, I spend time as a female character, playing
an age of a real life girl of around 14.  This leaves that innocent

   I report to the Immortal staff with suggestions and notes, and from
there, changes are made.  This has become quite a nice way of doing
things, because it's like having an Immortal inside the mortals circle.
The mortals would never tell the Immortals of things that were causing
imbalance, especially if they are in the favor of the mortals.

   In my own realm, I do much the same.  I spend atleast 1/4th of the
time in my realm playing as one mortal character or another, trying to
keep in mind what it is like to be a mortal, and just how my changes
have affected the realm.  This also helps for the creation of new ideas
and code, because, due to some strange mental imbalance (most likely), I
am able to change view points without remembering anything of my
Immortals mind.  So when I am the player, I act and react as the player,
and vice versa.

   Enough about me though.  My original comment, was derived from the
fact that being around the mortals allows you to pick up on their
traits, their slang, as well as the way they play.  If you play along
side of them, forgetting that you are "an all knowing being" you will
find ways to code in new challenges, as well as spot things that really
shouldn't be left alone.

   I thought I had something worth while to say with all of this, but
upon getting lost in the Dove Audio presentation of Hitchhikers Guide To
The Galaxy, I seem to have lost it.  So I'll end this rant here and move
right along to a thought I'm working on for dodging and armor class.

   Currently, I have been thinking I do not like the current armor class
system.  To me, the amount of armor worn should not constitute hit and
miss, but rather, did the person hitting me deal damage.  So I have come
up with the following, but I'm not sure I like this either, and am
looking for other ideas.

   First, check the attackers ability in fighting with the weapon they
have chosen for combat, and pit it against their opponents ability to
dodge their attack.  If their opponent failed the dodge, then check to
see if their armor absorbed the damage.

   This is the part that I haven't yet decided on.  I am thinking,
maybe, each item will have a quality rating, and the hit will randomly
(more or less) chose one of the wear positions, and see how much the
armor is able to absorb based on it's quality.  For example, a breast
plate with a quality of 60, should perhaps negate 60% of the damage.
Basically, somewhere, there will be a check.  If the damage roll gets
under the quality rating, no damage is dealt at all.  If it gets over
the armor's quality rating, it will deal an amount of damage minus the
quality in percent, and feed it to the opponent.

   On top of this, I think I have decided that if it does in fact deal
damage to the player, it should in turn have a chance of damaging the
armor itself.  So even the best of armor, will eventually be dwindled
down to worthlessness, in whatever time that would take.

   Any input on this, would be greatly appreciated, since there is this
nagging at the back of my mind that says I have forgotten something

"If you will practice being fictional for awhile, you will learn that
sometimes fictional characters are more real than those with bodies and
heartbeats." - Illusions (Richard Bach)


 Lord Kyu 

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