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From: Sammy (
Date: 01/15/01

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001 03:46:48 -0600, Patrick Dughi wrote:

[snipped large list of terminal types]

>        Hey - don't forget about apples or amigas.  They each had their
>own console setup, and you have to assume that someone has written a
>commandline telnet clinet for them that uses some sort of native
>pass-through.  Never can tell.

I don't remember the amiga having any sort of native color-coding at
the command shell.

How about support for Commodore Graphics, though?  The old C64 only
had 16 colors, but it was a much better set than what we're using in
modern muds.  It also had a very nice set of graphic building blocks
(I used to draw a mean castle) and it used only one byte per color
change or graphic character if I remember correctly.

Sure, we'd all have to paint symbols all over our keyboards.  Small
price to pay.

There's a complete tcp/ip stack and basic internet applications fot
the 64 floating around on the web somewhere.  What better use for that
old workhorse than a dedicated mud terminal?  Those of us unfortunate
enough to be lacking a 64 can fire up an emulator to do our mudding.


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