Re: Fare share of exp in group_gain()

From: Michael Gallagher (
Date: 01/15/01

I see your point, I do want to stop high levels helping low levels too much.
But if i make it based on damage it may be a little too strict as a level 30
helping a level 1 to level should have some chance of helping them out, i.e.
the newbie shouldn't really be able to help the level 30 kill mobs for the
level 30 but should still get some exp while grouped. As well as the fact
that the senario you decribed could happen without players being grouped
anyway as "bouncing" is quite easy on my mud and players can hurt a high
level mob and flee, then the newbie comes along and finishes him. Unless i
was to take out group_gain() altogether and make exp gain per hit for
everyone based on damage. But again the mage is being cut out and so is the
skillful thief. On my mud i want mixed class groups, each class on my mud
have individual skills which no other class has.

For example a theif has a special low duration invisibility spell which no
other class has, it allows him to go into certain zones completely
undetectable by mobs. I have specific "group" zones in my mud where this
skill is essential to disable zone sensors to allow the rest of the group to
come in.

Anyway, in short the level based group_gain() is lacking in some areas,
but leaves a bit of space for players to use it to their best advantage.
Where as damage based group_gain being very accurate takes away some of the
room for high levels to help low levels and direct damage isn't the only way
to help in a kill.

Thanx for the suggestion tho
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