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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/15/01

> So, which is it? Are these other clients phreaking out over only
> a few of the colorcodes? Like I could maybe filter certain ones
> out for certain clients? Or do they need another set of colorcodes
> altogether?

Phreaking generally means using phones illegially.  Harder to do now, less
you patch in right at the junction box, which is not smart - most monitor
when they're open.

        You might mean 'freaking'.

        What you should do is simply query the client for terminal support
type upon connection.  Generally, if you're coming in on any normal
terminal, it supports at least the minimial functions of a VT100 term -
with some ommissions and additions.  Usually color.  There is a way to
query a term to ask it if it supports a function - but since it may
support that function incorrectly, it's a crap-shoot based on the client.
Generally, darwinism takes care of these as people stop using them.

        The most common two types seem to be ANSI, and VT100 supporting
cursor keys (arrows) and color.  Additional ones I've seen at home and
abroad (er work) are 3270 (over TCP/IP, not straight cabling to the
mainframe - can you believe it?..damn legacy apps), VT102, VT52, VT220,
CEPT (re; legacy apps)..just stick with VTX20' won't see this cept
on DEC's anyway, and Avatar/0+ and ANSI-BBS terms, which you won't find
less you're in 1980 or previous.  Frankly, RIP was a fiasco.  It was only
even slightly popular because it was easier for BBS kiddes to make 'neat'
small graphics for their BBS doors & spiced up some small selection of
rpg-like games.  If you're going that far back, you can directly support
Wyse terms (75 and 100 if you're taking requeusts), though, I dunno if you
need to bother. They're great, but they handle vt100/220 well enough.  If
you're going for that, I used to admin some old HP apollos that had funky
color issues with standard uptodate terminal programs.  Most of the HP's
seem to have this problem actually - like supporting underlining, but I
can't figure out how to get it to work, etc..

        Other ones I've heard of, but haven't seen;

        VFossil/Fossil - OS/2 based.
        AT&T 6386 & 7300 & all those other wierd ones.
        Vt125,131,132,320,340(and z340),400,420,510,525....
        Hey - don't forget about apples or amigas.  They each had their
own console setup, and you have to assume that someone has written a
commandline telnet clinet for them that uses some sort of native
pass-through.  Never can tell.


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