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From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 01/15/01

----Patrick Dughi----
        I know you're trying to do neat things, but as was said
before, no one uses these other formats.  That is, clients don't
really use these formats.  Heck, the majority don't understand
underline, or italics.  So, it's nice to include these things as
a 'for fun' project, but you might be dissapointed as to their usage.
Don't let that disuade you though.  It's just not something that I
personally see a whole lot of benefit from.

I skipped the rest of the message, since it didn't truly pertain to
what I was intending to do.
First, there are clients out there which support color, but not
the standard ANSI colorcodes. Or at least they don't support the
majority of them.
I've seen examples of telnet clients which log into *nix weather
ports, and were able to parse color rather nicely, but then when the
same client logged onto a MUD with color, it phreaked.
Second, everything I do for a MUD is 'for fun', so that doesn't
exactly narrow things down :P
Third, the only benefit I hope to achieve here is to cater to a
larger group of players, and have all enjoy the experience. One thing
I hate to see, is when one player says, 'Check out my color title!'
To which another replies, 'I can't see color, I'm on a MAC client.'
That is just downright stupid.

So, which is it? Are these other clients phreaking out over only
a few of the colorcodes? Like I could maybe filter certain ones
out for certain clients? Or do they need another set of colorcodes


p.s. Yeah, I hate those Technicolor MUDs too, sometimes just typing
'who' is enough to drive a man insane. I've noticed horrible lags
while waiting for the who screen on Technicolor MUDs with lots of
players online.

"Here's something to think about:  How come you never see
a headline like `Psychic Wins Lottery'?"
                -- Jay Leno

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