Re: Fare share of exp in group_gain()

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/14/01

> I wanted to split exp proper within a group so that players get the right
> percent as per their level. A level 30 character contributes more to a group
> than a level 20. So lets say the exp for the kill is 200 and the group
> consists of two level 30's and two level 20's, the level 20's will get 40exp

        Why don't you do it on damage caused only.

        If a creature has 10 hit points, and one person does 9 and the
other 1, then the first gets 90% of the exp, and the other 10%.

        Of course, there's a problem in cases where you have clerics who
play heal-backup-etc.  However, most circlemuds have it so that even if
you're a mage, you have to kill things to get exp, so it's not that big of
a problem.

        If you don't - because the code you posted has been performed
before.. maybe in a different way, but with the same idea - you'll get
high level chars nearly killing a high levle mob, or following and
healing/protecting a low level char until they can step in and finish it
off and get the kill exp.  Note: low level char and high level char aren't
grouped, just following.  This happens ALL the time.

        Make it only damage based, and no problem :)


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