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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/15/01

> >        Sides, I've not got a c64, but i've got 2 apple IIe's and an apple
> >IIGS (with 256k extra memory, for a total of 768k!).  And a brace of wyse
> >terms.
> Are you fishing for sympathy?

        No way! IIGS rocks! There's even a chip in there containing - in
hard coded ROM, a full set of assembly language macros and I believe, even
a macro assembler.  Programmers toolkit is what they used to call it.

> ObCircle:
> A month and a half ago I asked for suggestions for improving the ascii
> pfiles patch[1] and didn't get any responses.  I'd like to reiterate
> that request.  I never realized what an awful patch it was until I
> decided to try hand-patching it.  In over two years nobody mentioned
> it.  Go figure.  I'm trying to make it as easy as possible to install
> and use, so you guys don't have to spend so much time supporting it ;)
        Though I just now posted my suggestion, it seems sad to let this
message just be 'Apple 1z 133T'.  So, I'll do a public service
announcement to the mud community:


        Or at least complain on the list.  If they've got an ego, they'll
fix it.  Unless they're as lazy or time constained as me.  When I released
Xapobjs way back when, I got maybe 4-5 bug reports (I saved em, still got
em).  I KNOW there were more bugs than that. I had my own list of a couple
dozen serious issues...

        Think of it this way: someone went through a decent amount of time
and effort to give a piece of code to the community.  It's your obligation
to tell them problems you had with it so they can fix them - thus giving
back to the community you're a part of.  Yeah, that sounds like parts of
the communist manefisto, but as we all learned from the open source
movement, nothing is quite as good as peer review for finding/fixing bugs.

        Sides, as I mentioned in an off-list post recently, critism of
code is almost flattery - they liked your function/etc so much that even
though it was broken, they still used it.  So much infact, that they want
you to fix the problems they're having because they encounter it so often
though usage that it's difficult to live with.  How cool is that?


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