Re: ascii pfiles ideas

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/15/01

> Here are some ideas for the update on Sammys Ascii Playerfiles:
        Some sort of automatic backup system - for example, if you type
'save reimb' on many of the muds I've worked on, you'll have a backup of
the object file created - incase things go awry. Typing 'reimb
<character>' as an immortal restores this equipment.

        It'd be nice to have a hands-off, in-mud way to do this for player
files as well.

        If you want an advanced feature request; make it so one idnum/name
could potentially load up with another persons 'stuff'.  Perhaps just mask
off some of it (so you could get disguises pretty much for'd be
just one sort of mask), or nearly nothing at all - and end up with a
polymorph behavior (at least, thats sorta how i did a generic polymorph).

        Another advanced feature;

        Playerfile diff snapshots.  Perhaps one per level, and a set of 6
saved each 10 minutes of playing time (so you can see what's changed over
an hour in 10 minute increments).  I don't know if you've done any
testing, but for muds with decent struct modifications, ascii pfiles save
about, oh, around 60-80% of flat files, easily (i average between 60-70
usually, but depends on the data being saved).  Not that the extra space
needs to be saved, but diffs are small in comparison.

        The small price to pay for an easy way to determine short and long
term player alterations, like exp rate gain, level rate gain, stat
changes, basically any point system saved on the character that's subject
to change!

        Just think what a balancer could do with all that info
ready-sorted for them.


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