ascii pfiles ideas

From: Brandon Bennett (
Date: 01/15/01

Here are some ideas for the update on Sammys Ascii Playerfiles:

 * Move the load_char() save_char() to pfdb.c or pfiles.c
        This way you don't have to poke though all of db.c just to
        add a varible to your pfiles

 * Give each player it's own directory
        This may be overkill but we can add player objects and player
        aliases to the same directory.  To delete a play would be as
        simple as system(rmdir) (I know there is a better way so don't
        whine about that)

        Also You can add wizfiles for immortal specific varibles that
        need to be saved.  Or a olc pref's file in the same directory
        The olc pref file could contain zone permissions.

 * Redo player structs
        If you are going to do it right totaly redo the player structs in
        structs.h.  Even without ascii pfiles this could get a good reworkin.

        I belive there was a snippit on redoing the structs in structs.h

 * Add a modifed XAP objects to the patch
        Yet again overkill?  Probally.  I have done this before you remove all
        the if (!xap) shit and just do the normal xap saving scheme. Also remove
        all the toggle and conversion fuctions.  This cleans up XAP objects quite
        well indeed.

As far as documentation just keep it stupid because their is a large group
using or wanting to use the ascii pfile patch.  What do you expect, It's
trendy :P.

Thats about it


And good work so far with all your patches sam.

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