Re: ASCII Pfiles (was: Color)

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/17/01

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001 13:16:09 -0600, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>        You know, the ascii board patch needs a teeeeny bit of work.  I
>had to put a new copy of it in recently and boy was that annoying.  Just
>make sure - if you're testing, always erase all the messages before you
>start the mud again.  If you get reverse message order wrong, and then fix
>it, and load up with the messages from befor,e half your board will be in
>the wrong order, and you'll spend 2 days trying to figure out why your
>'perfect' code doesn't work! ;)
>        As for xapobjs, you can grab it too, though I really did promise
>alot of people I'd update it.  I only prefer that it stay in a seperate
>(though obviously related) patch.  That way, all my buggy code doesn't
>make someone else look bad !

You're more than welcome to lead either or both of those projects,
though I'd be happy to help out.  If you aren't interested or don't
have time I can integrate those.

>> I think putting Oasis in stock 3.1 would be the way to go.
>> Menu-driven ease of use is much closer to the spirit of the current
>> circle community.
>        Have to agree with that.  It'd be _very_ nice if the terminal
>feature determinition code was done.  I know I'd much rather navigate a
>menu with arrow keys - and it'd just be thrown into char mode for a short
>period and back to line mode ...
>        Heck, a brave soul could even rewrite the I mean,
>improved editor to work like..well.. pine/pico.

I think I'm definitely a line-mode kinda guy.  I actually like the
improved editor patch, but I can see the need for a more
builder-friendly editor.


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