Re: ascii pfiles ideas (polymorph)

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/17/01

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001 13:09:11 -0600, Patrick Dughi wrote:

[snipped explanation]

>        In truth, this is just an 'advanced' feature thing.. I doubt many
>people would use it much.  It just strikes me as odd that on every mud
>i've played, every one clamours for a polymorph functionality, and it's
>very difficult to provide a _good_ system to do so.  When they do get it,
>their use and ideas of it stink.  Perhaps - I think - it's just that there
>hasn't been enough exposure to the ability to easily implement polymorph
>that causes such small levels of variety in it's uses.
>        Just think though - werewolves, vampires, etc; our most current
>popular fantasy media subjects, allowed in circle with a few minor code

Ok I understand what you're suggesting, but right now it's late and I
need sleep so I'll have to reread this  when I'm more lucid to really
grok it.

>> That's an excellent idea.  I cringe when I think of trying to code the
>> balancer, but writing diffs shouldn't be too difficult.
>        Well, it's not like the mud has to do everything.  This sounds
>like a job for Perl. (queue bold-adventurer music)

A volunteer!  Excellent! ;)

>        I'm sure that someone would eventually write a generic system for
>ordering and sorting the data. I can think of a few right now.  After it's
>all in one accessable place, then something like 'get the average time
>difference between level 5 and level 20 for all players' is simple. Wow.
>Powerful too.

I've never paid much attention to what players were doing so I'll have
to leave the analyzing of them to others.


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