Re: ASCII Pfiles (was: Color)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/17/01

> > MUD++ did it by integrating a telnet daemon into the code. I think
> > something of the sort would be nice to do.  Then you can let people
> > fighting over 'vi vs. emacs' have their way and everyone else can use
> > an editor instead of a kitchen sink. :)
> Basically, we'd have to implement a pseudo-terminal.  Time to dust off the
> ol' copy of _UNIX_Network_Programming_, I think.  Unless you can remember
> the thousand-and-one ioctl() calls.  Of course, it'd be UNIX only.
> Windows isn't even remotely[1] capable of things like this, last I heard.

        Actually, I've already had the bulk of this working as one of my
pet projects.  Like, 2 years ago.  I just never finished and forgot about
it.  Was as far as having multiline strings save to a guarenteed random
file name, which was then read in by the mud and the string was correctly
set to that value.

        The problem?

        I kept bolluxing the return of the file descriptor for some
reason.  Either the person would get disconnected, the mud would crash, or
one or the other of the processes would block.

        Not that it was a big problem, just that I was distracted.
Perhaps I'll find the code and work on it someday in the future.


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