Re: ASCII Pfiles (was: Color)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/17/01

> >        You know, the ascii board patch needs a teeeeny bit of work.  I
> >had to put a new copy of it in recently and boy was that annoying.  Just
> >make sure - if you're testing, always erase all the messages before you
> >start the mud again.  If you get reverse message order wrong, and then fix
> >it, and load up with the messages from befor,e half your board will be in
> >the wrong order, and you'll spend 2 days trying to figure out why your
> >'perfect' code doesn't work! ;)
> >
> >        As for xapobjs, you can grab it too, though I really did promise
> >alot of people I'd update it.  I only prefer that it stay in a seperate
> >(though obviously related) patch.  That way, all my buggy code doesn't
> >make someone else look bad !
> You need to check your usage of page_string(), specifically the
> 'keep_internal' flag.  You have to keep_internal anything you've generated,
> which does not include stuff like the MOTD.

> If Xapobjs were included, the old back-compatible stuff would have to go.
> It's just too ugly for words with both in there.  We can provide a utility
> to convert everything offline just like the circle2 -> circle3 playerfile
> converter.
        Thats fine. I left bugs in the converter stuff anyway just so
people would be forced to fix em ;).  At least they're documented bugs.
I'm particularlly scared about how hard it is to patch in with the auto-eq
stuff - I always get dozens of conflicts there.

> It looks like the code would benefit from db.c code being usable after the
> MUD has finished booting.
> Sort of curious the patch rewrites spells.c entirely.
        Yeah, well... that's odd.  Probably shouldn't ought to do that,
though I can think of about 100 reasons why it might think it had to -
based on what I was working on at the time that patch came out.

        If I were to say that it needed any changes it would be to focus
on some buffering solution like the ascii pfiles patch demonstrates.
Really, this was supposed to be a quick and dirty patch - sort of a
precursor to a point in the future where you could have self-descriptive
files.  I just never got around to it.  So many ideas, so little time.

        Besides, I had a world to run :)

        Worse comes to worse, it'd be a simple fix to just write out the
whole file at once, instead in 600 one-line writes.


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