Re: YFMudEd

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/18/01

> From: "Patrick Dughi" <dughi@IMAXX.NET>
> >         I've seen most editors out there, but I can't claim to have seen
> > this one.   Could you give a link to where someone could see it?
> There's a link to it from the front page of CeramicMouse, but I don't
> believe that's working at the moment due to the ftp reorganization (stated
> at the top of that page). The link it points to is in the contrib/utils
> directory of the FTP site.
> I just poked around the site a bit, and it's actually been moved to here:
        Doh.  That'll teach me to look everywhere but the obvious :)

        You know - of all the offline editors I've seen, I can't figure
out why I still think Shirak's is the coolest.  I guess I'm just a
terminal boy.

        Ef's map editor is pretty cool, but the interface reminds me of a
dos-based cad editor.  Not that this is bad, just, hard to get a feel of.
That map is cool though.  Just need to make the exit-setting a bit more
user friendly.


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