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From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 01/20/01

   Currently working out a new armor and dodge system, I have reached
the point on how to go about checking to deal damage to armor.  I have
decided, that just because the armor has absorbed all of the damage
meant for the player, doesn't mean it absorbed it in a way which it did
not get damaged itself.

   At first I thought random would work fine, and then decided against
it completely.  I would like to base it on something, I just don't know
what.  Well, he is a little background, briefly on what I'm looking at.
These are just notes, and could be changed at any time, if I arrive at a
new and better method.

   This part I did do with random, and chance, applied to what I had to
work with, which is called or applied after determining that the victim
did not dodge their opponents attack.  In the following example, armor
quality is represented by "AQ".

   chance = number(0, 100);

   if (chance < AQ)
     dam -= (damage / AQ);

   This seems to work fine for my needs.  Now, I just need to find a way
that will work well for determining if in fact the armor takes damage,
even if the player does not.  I guess, I'm seeking suggestions, or
constructive criticism.  If you wish not to reply to the list, feel free
to contact me personally through email, or ICQ.  Thanks in advance to
any responses that this post might generate.

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 Lord Kyu 

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