Re: Armor / Damage

From: Brandon Allen (
Date: 01/20/01

>    This seems to work fine for my needs.  Now, I just need to find a way
> that will work well for determining if in fact the armor takes damage,
> even if the player does not.  I guess, I'm seeking suggestions, or
> constructive criticism.  If you wish not to reply to the list, feel free
> to contact me personally through email, or ICQ.  Thanks in advance to
> any responses that this post might generate.

i was working on a mud where there was a just a threshold
on the armor and the armor had some points

such as leather armor had a threshold of 10 and 20 points
every time that the player was hit harder than 10 points of
damage the armor would be damaged. in the eq list the armor
was rated the same way mob health is rated with
10 string values such as " looks brand new" or " is falling apart"
as the quality level of the armor went down. there was also an
added  field for fix cost so you could take your armor to a armory
and have a random amount of points fixed for the for mentioned
price until the armor was fixed.

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