Re: [CODE][BUG] in circle3.0bpl17 stock

From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 01/22/01

> When a mortal player(pc or npc) tell something to another, it don't find the
> good player.

Huh?! Please, explain better. Give us exemples.

> (...)
> A replace this function by:
> ACMD(do_tell)
> {
>   struct char_data *vict = NULL;
>   half_chop(argument, buf, buf2);
>   if (!*buf || !*buf2)
>     send_to_char("Who do you wish to tell what??\r\n", ch);
>   else if (!(vict = get_char_vis(ch, buf, FIND_CHAR_WORLD)))
>     send_to_char(NOPERSON, ch);
>   else if (is_tell_ok(ch, vict))
>     perform_tell(ch, vict, buf2);
> }

Yes... you have re-implemented an old bug back again to your CircleMUD.
Look at circle30bpl14 and you will see that your "new" function is equal
to the one used on it (with the exception to the 3rd argument to
get_char_vis(), that was implemented on bpl15).

With this function, you are enabling your mortals to detect a mobile
presence using tell, without walking through the world.

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