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From: Tony Morlan (
Date: 01/22/01

Juliano Ravasi Ferraz wrote:
> /* as stated on Q4 of list faq*/
> static char *ObCircle = "
> I'm thinking to implement a DNA-like race system to my mud. Many of the
> player's characterists will be defined by two binary arrays where each
> bit will represent a gene (1 = dominant, 0 = recessive). A map of the
> arrays will be necessary, like that (using a char[n] array):
> [details snipped]
> At the moment, I have nothing but the idea to this implementation. I
> hope this can encourage other imps to find a new (and interesting) way
> to (at least try) implement race system to their muds.
> ";

I recently have implemented races within discreate_load, so new races can
quickly added with code changes only for race special abilities, etc.
As the human.txt file is now:
Str: 3d6+0
AllowSkill: 1

Online race editing is right around the corner (Muhahah).
And yes, that probably will be useful. The mud, as it exists in my mind,
is based around skills and races, with classes and skills being completely
non-existant. Once a set of requirements have been met, mainly skills, stats
and current race, the player is given the option to remort to a different
The next step ahead of me is to move skill/spell definitions into text files,
loaded as a step during the boot. Skill prereqs are already done this way,
just need to start tearing apart the interpreter now. :)

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