Re: [Newbie] Coding question on traps

From: Edward Felch (
Date: 01/22/01

Actually I was thinking of going snippet and posting it on ceramic mouse
since there doesn't seem to be any other type of trap code really and that
was one thing I'd always wanted.

One last question on traps, I'm trying to get the trap to load mobs by
using one of the object's values, I took the code from load mob but it
doesn't seem to be working right, it either loads some random mob or
does nothing (I put in the check to stop it from trying to load non-existent
         if ((r_num = real_mobile(number)) < 0) {
            send_to_char("A trap in the room buzzes and then fizzes
         else {
            send_to_char("Uh oh...\r\n", ch);
            mob = read_mobile(r_num, REAL);
            char_to_room(mob, ch->in_room);

That's the basic monster loading part of the trap however it doesn't work
Any assistance in getting the right mobs to load would be appreciated,
again, thanks
for the help. :)

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