[CODE][HELP]mob_exp and mob_hitpoints

From: Lewis, Jason (JLewis@birch.com)
Date: 01/22/01

Hello All;

        I am looking for some code that may or may not be out there that
autoassigns hit points and exp based on the level of the mob you create.
something like

mod = number(0, 10)
mod2 = number(50, 75)

hitpoints  = mob_level * mod2 + mob_level * mod

Experience is a little harder because it cannot be based solely from the
mobs level as it has to take into account the characters level that is
dispatching it. so does anyone have any clue how one might structure the exp
portion of this? I am not trying to mooch code but would like ideas for how
people have done this..


Jason Lewis

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