Re: Couple Problems,

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/24/01

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, William Jeanveau wrote:

>Not sure wether or not these are common or not, but I run circle30bpl17,
>first off when a char self-deletes, or I wipe the players file, object
>files are still left hanging around, meaning they log back in 5 months
>down the road they keep the same eq.

Don't run 'purgeplay', do you?

>Another being - I have hometowns assigned, etc, besides that point, if I
>advance a god to level 1, or even set his level to 1 and force all save,
>when he disconnects and relogs back in, his level is still at the same
>level it was *god*, etc.

Dunno, haven't heard of it.

>Also - Anyone know how to implement expgain per hit, ie: a backstab, or
>per round instead of on the death of the mob.  *Just realized, this isn't
>stock procedure.* =]

I thought it did that...


  /* Gain exp for the hit */
  if (ch != victim)
    gain_exp(ch, GET_LEVEL(victim) * dam);

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