Re: [Question] Casting a spell + Magic System

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 01/26/01


Based around this message which has been going on for some time, I want to
alter the magic system, so that instead of advancing you ability in
individual spells, you advance you ability in a variable called magic_abil,
a spare intbyte i have comondered. So all of my spells will use this level
along with the players int and wis to calculate the sucess of spells.

This would require moving the success fail checks into the individual
spells, this way I can have different check for different guild spells, i.e
wizards make more use of int, where as clerics make more us of wisdom etc

This way all spells would be available to all magic using players, but they
will only be able to succesfully cast them when they have a high enough
magic level. I may also implement a memory system, so players can memorise
spells they want to use, but have limmited slots for rememebring based
around level etc. It's a whole new magic system, requiring much work and
experimenting, but one which i feel would work well.

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