[HELP] Backstab crashing

From: FRASHiE (vraxx@ecn.ab.ca)
Date: 01/26/01

I should only need one more reply from someone after this.. but here
goes anyways.. the problem is, after you backstab someone, it's trying
to hit them (hit(ch, victim, TYPE_UNDEFINED) or whatever.. just a
regular hit.. but if the backstab kills them, it's trying to damage
the corpse with the regular hit..

I've been looking all over, modifying, re-modifying and no luck on
finding anything to check for the backstab first.. tried adding
returns and various things in various spots, and although it no longer
crashes the mud -- it doesn't display the backstab death message
(Bob makes a strange sound but is suddenly very silent.. et cetera)

So.. oh.. ya, this has to be a stock bug too.. so if George reads this..
I'm reporting it.. or whatever.

Thanks for the help from all of you thus far.

 * Frash <vraxx@ecn.ab.ca>

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