Re: [Question] Casting a spell

From: Michael Gallagher (
Date: 01/26/01

>yes, sometimes i am not too bright, it seems...

It's not stupidity, just a different way of thinking round a problem.
Sometimes we all miss the obvious solution.


P.S. Any had any ideas on the Vehicle post i put up? I was thinking more
about a "struct obj_data *in_obj;" variable and put the following code into

&& ((GET_IN_OBJ(sub) == GET_IN_OBJ(obj)) || (IN_ROOM(ch) != IN_ROOM(obj)))

That way you can still see people in where and who and scan etc. But if
your in the same room as them and they are in an "obj" that you're not
then you can't see them. Of course the "in_obj" variable would be set
to NULL when mobs and people enter the MUD, and wouldn't need to be saved to
the pfile (thankfully). With this method i could expand the
idea by putting mobs in vehicles on load, so a player would have to
destroy the vehicle before being able to get to the mob. But my question
is can anyone see any reason i don't that this won't work?
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