[HELP] Copyover w/ Ascii pfiles

From: FRASHiE (vraxx@ecn.ab.ca)
Date: 01/27/01

I put it all in, just I don't understand ascii pfiles very well yet.. I
was wondering if anyone, rather, I was wondering if one of you could post
what needs to be changed in order for this to work?

I modified the int enter_player_game() like ascii pfiles said to do, but
it still doesn't work properly.. anyways, I'd appreciate it a lot.

I think it currently gives warnings in comm.h about passing arg 1 and 2
of load_char, and something in interp.c (sorry.. I don't have the
warnings off hand.. but to anyone more competant than me (everyone) you
should know what I'm talking about.)

- Frash

 * Frash <vraxx@ecn.ab.ca>

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