Re: Time Constants , Was: Re: [HELP] Backstab crashing

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/27/01

"Daniel A. Koepke" wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Jan 2001, Peter Ajamian wrote:
> > You can figure seasons by dividing the number of months into four equal
> > chunks and offsetting by a constant which sould signify the start of one
> > of the seasons, something like this...
> >
> > [...]
> That's pretty much what I was thinking of.  I'm still not sure if I want
> to introduce that many more #defines, though.  After all, we're talking
> about more than a dozen new time-related definitions being added to
> utils.h.

I don't see why it would be a problem, it slows down pre-processing a
little bit but does not affect post-compile at all.  A few more #defines
will also help to keep thngs that much more flexible.

> > Well, if you want really true flexibility you can set up a table for
> > the months that defines the number of days in each month individually.
> I perhaps wasn't clear, originally.  I'm hoping to implement the same as
> the default CircleMUD setup without any additional overhead for bpl18,

*Nod*, was just carrying the idea of flexibility to the next level.  You
had already suggested the possibility of a table for ofsetting sunrise
and sunset.  I didn't think this was any real jump from that.

Regards, Peter

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