Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] online delchar

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/27/01

Michael Gallagher wrote:
> You can "delete" a character online by typing "set <player> delete on". But
> if you mean wipe the character clean from the pfile then i doubt it very
> much that there is a way to do it online (or at least an easy way).
> Btw when you set delete onto a character then will still be online, but
> when they quit they will be deleted. If the player you want to delete isn't
> online then just use "set file <player> delete on", that means the player
> will be deleted.

ummm, it's "set [file] <victim> deleted on"

if you're deleting an immortal than you'll need to do...

set [file] <victim> level 1
set [file] <victim> deleted on

You can create a simple alias, we'll call it (for lack of a better name
;) ) "vaporize" (note, substitute the vnum of a dump for <dump>...

alias vaporize teleport $1 <dump>;at $1 purge $1;set file $1 level 1;set
file $1 deleted on

Regards, Peter

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