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From: russ brown (
Date: 01/30/01

From: Michael Gallagher <m_gally@HOTMAIL.COM>

>It's an interesting and realistic idea, but isn't it a bit extreme. If
>someone needs to heal fast, they must wait for the POTION_DIGEST flag to
>wear off.

Well I was thinking of making the chance of a bad reaction proportional
to the number of potions quaffed so far (by adding a new variable and
APPLY _POTIONS_IMIBED to be used with the digest flag.) So you
wouldnt necessarily have something bad happen when you quaffed the
second potion, but you probably would by the time you got to the 4th or
5th one.

>If you wanted to make it harder to down potions you could increase
>the wait_state for quaffing, or make the healing potions harder to get. But

Ehh, adding a wait state is no good for this. If I add the wait state of
PULSE_VIOLENCE*3 to quaffing a potion, I also cant kick, bash or
flee for three rounds? That doesnt make sense to me.  And I actually
have made it harder to get healing potions, you cant buy potions with
heal, only ones with lesser cure spells. That just lead to people buying
more of the lesser potions.

Russ Brown

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