Re: Potion Miscibility

From: Ron Cole (
Date: 01/30/01

>Ehh, adding a wait state is no good for this. If I add the wait state of
>PULSE_VIOLENCE*3 to quaffing a potion, I also cant kick, bash or
>flee for three rounds? That doesnt make sense to me.  And I actually
>have made it harder to get healing potions, you cant buy potions with
>heal, only ones with lesser cure spells. That just lead to people buying
>more of the lesser potions.

Make your potions satisfy thirst and prevent them from quaffing if not
thirsty (or perhaps allow it if you find it unrealistic but give them a
high chance of barfing and wasting the potion).  We did this a long time
ago and it controls potion use fairly well.

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