Re: [IDEA] saving mobs.

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 02/28/01

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:11:48 -0500 Paul Carley <pcarley@BRESNANLINK.NET>

> Only disadvantage I see would be the drive space to keep the mob
> file.
> Any thoughts or considerations? Anyone done this?

I've been working on this for the last few weeks, on and's easy
to make a few adjustments
to ASCII pfiles to make them mob-safe (don't initialize player_specials,
get sdesc, not name and such).
A good way to save space would be to save the mobs "base" number (i.e. a
modified puff would
have base num 1) and then only save the stats that have been changed,
also, record the loadroom
and new items...sample:

Base: 1 //(Puff the Fractal Dragon)
Name: Puff the Strongest Fractal Dragon  //(A new name!)
Str : 20          //(*Flex*)
Ldrm: 1         //(Load to the void)
Eqip: 10 25  //(give it a waybread at eq slot 25 (inventory with my
Eqip: 10 14  //(holding a waybread)

And there you have it: a strong puff with 2 waybreads, ready to serve.
Another concern is not loading the mob from the zonefile if it has been

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