Re: [IDEA] saving mobs.

From: Paul Carley (
Date: 03/02/01

On Wednesday, February 28, 2001 2:32 PM
"Karl Buchner" <blaizeofshadow@JUNO.COM> writes:

> I've been working on this for the last few weeks, on and's easy
> to make a few adjustments
> to ASCII pfiles to make them mob-safe (don't initialize player_specials,
> get sdesc, not name and such).

hmm hadn't really thought of using the ascii pfiles, I may have to patch em

> A good way to save space would be to save the mobs "base" number (i.e. a
> modified puff would
> have base num 1) and then only save the stats that have been changed,
> also, record the loadroom
> and new items...sample:
> Base: 1 file://(Puff the Fractal Dragon)
> Name: Puff the Strongest Fractal Dragon  file://(A new name!)
> Str : 20          file://(*Flex*)
> Ldrm: 1         file://(Load to the void)
> Eqip: 10 25  file://(give it a waybread at eq slot 25 (inventory with my
> changes))
> Eqip: 10 14  file://(holding a waybread)

nod this is the way I was thinking of doing it structurally.

> And there you have it: a strong puff with 2 waybreads, ready to serve.
> Another concern is not loading the mob from the zonefile if it has been
> saved.

well here's what I was thinking of doing is saving out a record on each
mob in the mud. Then when the mud reboots instead of calling a reset_zone
call load_mob_from_file() then after all the mobs are loaded call a
reset_zone to fill in any missing mobs reset objects etc...

I also am going to look at how to save both mobs and players together....
I like Peter Ajamian's idea of a flag but don't know if a zone flag will do
what we need. I.e. a char dies and the troll loots his corpse and grabs the
Ungodly Powerful Mace of Destruction and wields it.  The player then
gets descussded and rents 5 zones away in the inn that wouldn't set the
zone file for the troll. What I was thinking is more on the order of forcing
a char to save on death (with nothing) and mobs to save upon looting.
(with the char's gear).


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