From: Jory Graham (Treimor@aol.com)
Date: 03/02/01

ok, i have the server downloaded from the ftp site that has the ascii
pfiles, assemblies, oasis, dg, etc... for bpl17 installed.  I think it was
the one uploaded by Del.  Anyway, i'm running win98 with MSCVC 4.0, did the
_fileno fix, and still crash on character creation right after selecting a
class.  I wnet thru marking the code, and got down to the line:

if(!(tname = malloc(strlen(fbfl->name) + 5)))
    return 0;

in fbclose_for_write.  I noticed it was run earlier in the character
creation process and worked fine.  The second time thru it did not.  Any
help would be appreciated, and if anyone who has fixed this could possible
e-mail me on the process, it would be greatly appreciated.

I tried searching the archives, but couldn't find anything on fixing this.
Thanks in advance.

Jory Graham

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